Facebook and Instagram Ads

We create creatives and optimize campaigns to increase sales

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Audience analysis

We create a user persona, determine its pain-points and needs

Bold creatives

We use creatives that provoke user reactions but aligned to a general business' tone-of-voice

Campaign optimization

Regular procedure to increase the number of leads and decrease cost per lead (CPL)

Clear reports

The number of views, conversations started by a customer, the cost of every lead and other KPIs in an easy-to-read reports

Why you should consider Facebook and Instagram ads in your marketing strategy?

An average user spends 1,5 hours on social networks daily. This means that platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are a great opportunity to generate leads for almost every industry.

With targeted social advertising, you can:

– increase sales;
– find an additional audience that is interested in your products;
– test the demand for new products;
– identify the most popular products and services.

We run ads that stand out in the news feed. Even if users do not make a purchase, they share advertising with loved ones, thereby lowering the cost per click.

Facebook/Instagram results example

Thecosmetology is the cosmetological business in the center of Kiyv, Ukraine.

In November 2019, we launched an advertising campaign and received the following results: 2168 users clicked on the ad,155 of them started a conversation with a business in the Messenger, and 12 of them signed up for a course of procedures.

The cost per client for this particular campaign — $10.

Cosmetology's ads in instagram

Boost your sales
with Facebook/Instagram ads

Fill out the form and we will make a test run of advertising for your business. After it ends, you will receive a detailed report and see for yourself the effectiveness of such advertising.

How do we work

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We study the peculiarities of your business to launch an effective advertising campaign

We research the marketing solutions of your competitors

We create a user persona to better understand the needs of your audience and customize advertising accordingly

We determine the factors that negatively affect the number of leads and provide you with recommendations for their elimination

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We request all the necessary accesses from you to analyze current campaigns and get an ability to create and run new

We set up analytics and Facebook Pixel to make sure that we can analyze the performance of each ad

We create texts  which will be understandable and interesting for potential customers

We create creatives that attract the attention of customers and even those who are not interested in the proposal

We show you the ads and discuss whether they fit business goals.
If necessary, we correct them

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We recheck ads and creatives before loading to Ads Manager

We create a unique audience to increase the ad impressions to the target audience and exclude those to whom the offer will not suit

We control the moderation process from the platform’s side. In case it takes more than 24 hours — communicate with Facebook support

We study the first results and optimize advertising to reduce cost per click and increase the number of leads

We update creatives every week so ads do not look familiar to the same audience and continue to attract reaction

We compose reports for each advertising campaign, and at the end of the month we show general statistics

We analyze the actual results of campaigns and build new hypotheses to increase sales of goods and services

(с) 2019, Eveditz agency uses agile methodologies to craft brands and their marketing activities

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