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We study your business, collect keywords, and adjust geo and bidding settings

Effective Ads

We create ads that engage customers and increase the number of clicks

Campaign Optimization

We consider the recommendations of the search engine to reduce the cost per click


No abstruse words and terms: monthly reports with important KPIs made simple

Why advertise on Google?

Google advertising (advertising in the search results) consists of ads that are displayed to customers when they google specific queries in a search box or in the form of banner ads on websites they visit.

Ads in the search are displayed above organic search results. Therefore they perform an increased number of clicks to the site and boost your sales. In the case customers visited your website but didn’t purchase anything, remarketing ads will follow them as banners on the website they visit after to gain retention.

The main features of such advertising are:

– you pay for clicks, not for viewing ads;
– only the target audience sees your ads (for example, if a user searches for a “coffee house”, she will not see an advertisement for pet products or a bowling club.

PPC campaign results example

With the help of Google Search Ads, a Kiyv dental clinic D.Ante received +3274 additional clicks to the site in November 2019

Already advertised on Google but not happy with the results?

Fill out the form: we will contact you, analyze your advertising campaigns for free and forecast the results you can achieve with our help.

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How do we work on PPC

step 1


Each business is unique, so the first step we take is to get to know the company, its products, and customer funnel

We analyze competitors’ ads to reveal their strengths and create ads that will be more relevant and perform more sales

We study the ads and campaigns that were launched earlier

We identify the weaknesses of the site and give recommendations for their elimination



We collect popular queries that potential customers use when searching for your services

We take into account the recommendations of the search engine and much them with customer psychological patterns to increase the effectiveness of ads

If necessary, we discuss and adjust ads to highlight the strengths of the business

Before the launch, you will receive a document describing the full data about the campaign: dates, geo, budget, etc.


Google Ads Launch

Precise uploading of ads to the Google Ads account and adjusting all ads’ settings

After the first week, we optimize ads and settings to increase the number of clicks and reduce the cost per click

By doing this, we increase the number of impressions with your product or service

Every month we send a simple-to-read report and discuss the results of the campaign with you

We analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns and discuss new tactical steps to improve the next month results

(с) 2019, Eveditz agency uses agile methodologies to craft brands and their marketing activities

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