Target SEO for Teleport Rooms (escape rooms)


The project works in the “escape rooms” industry. This is a fairly competitive field: the elder companies have absorbed the market and search results. The first contact with the client took place in 2020 but the real work started in April 2021.


The Problem

The client had small organic traffic to the website. The reason was the old approach to SEO for (buy backlinks, crowd, and social traffic): the previous project in the same industry (the website was successfully sold so we can’t disclose its name).

The client wanted to see his website at the 7th position in Google, for key queries:

  • “Quest room Kyiv” (in Russian)
  • “Kyiv Quest rooms” (in Russian)
  • “Quest rooms in Kyiv” (in Russian)

When the client contacted the Eveditz agency, the organic traffic to the site was 330 visitors, and the site for the target key query “quest rooms Kyiv” was on the 2nd page of the Google search results (ranked for 16th position). 


The Solution

We analyzed the website, competitors and gave the client the only strategy that could help the project get to the top of Google — create more quality content pieces.

The format of work that the client has chosen — “do it with you”: a mixed team of the client and the agency work together on the project.

Eveditz SEO specialists analyzed the results and actions of competitors, assigned tasks to programmers, copywriters, and designers (and, of course, checked the quality of the work performed). All production part was on the client’s side. 


The Result

This case again proved that content is a king: high-quality content, high-quality images, and meticulous work on the technical optimization of the website allowed the project to rise to the first page of Google organic search results in just two months.

At the time of writing this case (end of June 2021), organic traffic to the site is 667 visitors, and the site for the target key query “quest rooms Kyiv” (in Russian) is on the 1st page of Google (takes 7th position).

Here are the project metrics before and after active work with content: 



This case once again shows that each project is unique: despite the successful experience of working with the previous similar project, an old SEO strategy did not work so we had to “reinvent the bicycle.”

We continue to work on the project, so this case will be updated in the future.

If your project needs SEO, let’s schedule a call and chat: during the call, we will assess the current state of your project, its goals and collect the necessary information to forecast how the SEO will affect your website. 

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