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Just a regular dentist?

We’ve been working with D.Ante since the company’s launch in 2017. They serve 324 clients monthly and constantly broaden the list of their services.

D.Ante’s clients enjoy a full range of services — from professional oral care to dental implants, to medical tourism


Fast-moving marketing

To define the brand, differentiate from competitors, and come up with the most efficient collection of marketing tools to entice the first customers


And there we started...

D.Ante as the brand name was a given. Therefore we had to make it visually catchy. That’s where we started


Brand voice
Marketing messages


Landing pages




Content Marketing


We created the logo

The first thing we had to do was to steer clear from the association with Dante Alighieri, while highlighting that the company’s focus is dental care. It is essential since there exist several dental clinics whose logos have nothing to do with dental care.

Positioning was another major task of the first stage. The first USP we crafted was the following: quality dental care doesn’t need to be an expensive rip-off. What we did was democratizing dental care and making it closer to our target audience — intellectuals aged 20-40.

1) We started communicating with patients as if they were our friends.
2) We democratized the brand itself: D.Ante’s doctors were the first one in the industry to wear jeans and T-shirts (which does not contradict the health and safety regulations).

A landing page and SEO

We made a clear and easy-to-navigate landing page to attract the first clients. Basic website SEO allowed it to rank among top Google search results for “a dental clinic at Olimpiyskaya (a metro station in Kyiv where the clinic is located).” Thanks to this, 55% of the traffic was organic.

That’s where we parted for some time: D.Ante went on with building their business 


Social activity

After that, we started promoting the brand on Instagram to attract even more clients. We developed a promotion strategy and a detailed content plan.

The content matrix we opted for — to entertain, educate and give useful information — resulted in the subsequent organic audience growth. Some 15-20 new target users subscribe to the page weekly. The first organic lead that eventually became the clinic’s client was generated 1.5 months after the start of cooperation

The relative failure on Facebook

The next step in promotion was advertising on Facebook. 
Here are several examples of ads:

The results of the Facebook ads campaign:
Period: one week
Number of campaigns: five
Budget: $35
Total number of applications: 17
Cost per lead: $2

The conclusions we made after the campaign: it is difficult to deal with cold leads that clicked the ad because it caught their attention with its creativity. The dental clinic needed hot leads at that time. Therefore we decided to get back to Facebook later.


Generating hot leads via Google

Instead of promoting on Facebook, we focused on collecting those contacts which were at the Decision and Action stage. We launched contextual targeting via Google.

Here are a few results we got:

The new structured website

We keep on developing the clinic’s Instagram account, as well as launching and optimizing Google ads. We created a full-fledged website that will be promoted by a wide range of SEO queries. For now, traffic growth hits 20%. The numbers are expected to be even more impressive once the website is search engine optimized.


When we finished website creation and adding new CTA’s, we’ve started to work closely on SEO. The process included tech optimization, creation of new pages for every service provided by the dental clinic. 


Our efforts performed even better than we’ve forecasted. Here are some results we’ve achieved by November 2019:


  • organic search traffic growth: +428%;
  • keywords in Google Top-10: +410%.

Next steps

Together with the clinic’s team, in 2020 we are focusing on the following steps:

1) Update website UI to make it easier for a customer to find information, increase visit duration and conversion.
2) Launch a blog with useful bits of dental advice for customers (and boost organic traffic even more).
3) Build a marketing flow to convert a regular visitor to subscribers even when they are not purchasing services right away.


Website design update

The new site has become more user friendly. We’ve enhanced all the important elements with additional information for visitors: an insurance page, an updated price page, new online forms for quick appointment bookings, a price section for all the service pages, etc.

The new site has become simpler: we’ve removed all unnecessary visual elements and changed the way the content is displayed.

редизайн сайта для стоматологии

Blog on dental topics

We launched a blog in which D.Ante doctors share honest information about dental services.

D.Ante’s blog is different from competitors’: doctors (i.e. authors) use simple language with minimum medical terms, tell interesting stories, and share dental «life hacks». To make it easier for users to scan through the blog posts, we added bright explanation illustrations.

блог для стоматологии

With the new blog, we pursue two goals: to increase the engagement and trust of potential customers and to get more organic traffic.

The blog is published in two languages, Russian and Ukrainian.

Monthly e-mail newsletter

A monthly newsletter with news and new blog posts helps turn website visitors into potential customers, even if they do not plan to treat their teeth soon.

Besides, the newsletter increases traffic to the site, as well as brand awareness.

Keep generating customer flow through different marketing channels

We keep expanding the online presence of the brand in all possible ways: we optimize the site for SEO, add new Instagram and Google My Business publications, customize and optimize Google Ads, test TikTok, while tirelessly looking for the ways to automate and optimize all of the processes above.

The last update of the case is 06/01/2020. Next ~ in 6 months.

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