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AdPhone and Getpin

We started cooperating with the startup in 2018. Back then it was called Adphone. In early 2019 we launched the company’s rebranding and started designing a new strategy to entice users


Test, learn, improve, repeat

Our cooperation with Getpin is essentially running a series of tests and getting feedback from clients. Thanks to the tests, we were able to formulate USPs, generate leads and improve the interaction with users


And the next round begins

The agility of both teams is the key ingredient of our cooperation. We never settle, that’s why we improve constantly. This helped Getpin attract angel investment. Today we are moving to their first seed round investment


Brand voice
Marketing messages


Landing pages
Video (manuals)




Content Marketing
Direct Marketing


Before Getpin

Before the rebranding, the startup was known as AdPhone and didn’t have the final version of the product yet. We helped the team to test various marketing messages and channels.

We launched SMS campaigns, started online courses, changed and tested the messages on the landing page several times.


Logo, target audience and marketing strategy

Getpin has two TAs: SMEs and LEs. Each of these TAs uses a separate stack of tools within the product. That’s why we built two marketing funnels targeting relevant users. Naturally, we used separate communication tools.

For example, we mainly use contextual targeting, social media, and webinars to appeal to SMEs, and PR publications in relevant media and participation in the events to attract LEs.

Product and marketing analysis

When dealing with a product company, it is necessary to measure both marketing and product metrics at the same time. Otherwise, we won’t be able to get the whole picture of how clients move within the funnel. That’s why, like everywhere else, we move forward step-by-step. 

We started with end-to-end analytics by using Google Analytics. Now we are setting the Amplitude analytics to track the scenarios of the product usage. We are planning to marry these two systems into a single analytics system at Google Data Studio in the nearest future.

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