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Bring your site to the top of search results,
20-30% of search traffic monthly guaranteed

Free audit

We determine the weak spots of your website and suggest necessary changes

Long-term SEO strategy

We create a six month SEO strategy to fulfill traffic growth

Readable reports

With no difficult terms, only factual data in an understandable dashboard

Result warranty

If we do not deliver forecasted results within a promised term, we will carry out the SEO at our own expense for an equal term

Why does your business need SEO?

SEO is optimizing the website content and code by taking into account the recommendations of Google.

This is a long-term investment: it takes from two to three months to see the first results. In the meantime, the SEO results are steady: unlike the Ads, you pay the same monthly but traffic grows as if you permanently increase your budget in Google Ads.

In the process of search engine optimization, Google algorithms will begin to trust the site and improve its position in the search.

Together with search engine positions, the number of website visits increase.

SEO result example

One of our clients is Kiyv dental clinic D.Ante.

In July 2019, the clinic website was visited by 705 users, also, it did not appear on the first page of Google results.

We optimized the existing pages, added the necessary new ones, added the Ukrainian version of the site, and in November 2019, after four months, the site was visited by 2764 users.

Besides, the D.Ante website is shown by 41 queries, e.g. “veneers Kiyv”, on the first page of Google search results.

Given the number of competitors in Kiyv, this is a very good result.

A free SEO audit of your website

We conduct an audit at the start of work with every new client or in situations where business owners doubt the effectiveness of their SEO contractor.

Fill out the form, and we will do a free audit of your site: analyze competitors, audience, site content, and factors that affect its appearance on Google. As a result, you will receive a report that can be used as a checklist for optimizing your site.

A free audit does not oblige you to purchase SEO service at our agency.

How do we work

step 1


Each business is unique, so the first thing we do is dig into the details, to create an effective SEO strategy

We study the strategy your competitors use to get the top of the search results. Then we create the strategy to outperform them

We determine the target audience and the most popular/marginal business services or goods to optimize them first

We analyze the technical state of the website and its compliance with the Google, w3, PageSpeed requirements

We identify pages with weak content and include their adjustment. We turn the set of words on the pages into a readable and interesting text, which increases the time spent on page and customer engagement

We identify weaknesses and prepare recommendations for improving the architecture of the site. This is an important stage, which can increase the number of purchases



We collect key queries that potential customers use when they google your products and services

We prepare the technical task for the copywriter for writing texts that will satisfy the recommendations of the search engine and stay engaging for site visitors

We create a plan to improve the website structure, core code; add new pages, photo, and video content

We select resources with a good reputation to outreach them and get backlinks



Changes in the code positively affect the position of the site, so we always check how well did programmers perform their tasks

We add new pages, fill them with useful content for both users and search engine robots

We increase the trust rate of the search engine to the website by placing eternal links on external resources

We make a request to Google for an additional website crawl and verification of content by search algorithms to stimulate the growth of positions and traffic on the site

We analyze robots.txt, sitemap.xml for duplicate, inconsistencies and missed pages

We check on what requests the project is growing or not. Looking for additional growth spots and include them in the strategy for the next term

We collect the results in a single understandable dashboard and send it to the client.

If needed, we schedule a Skype call with you to discuss the results and plan for the next month

Every month we analyze the effectiveness of the chosen strategy and add new tactical steps to improve it

(с) 2019, Eveditz agency uses agile methodologies to craft brands and their marketing activities

Free SEO audit

We'll send you a checklist to help improve your site's position on Google