Simple and powerful tool for modern barista


Is there a CRM to-go?

Brewster is a SaaS solution for baristas to track sales. The team behind the service has decided to focus on a mobile version to help small coffee shops manage their sales correctly from day one.


Baristas need mobility

Existing solutions do not allow baristas to work on the go: PC and tablet-based analogs call for working from a particular location. But baristas cannot enter data about the order and prepare or serve coffee at the same time


Tap, tap, bingo!

Brewster’s team hired Eveditz not only for standard online promotion but mostly to develop the UX for a mobile app 

Brand voice
Customer flow

Landing pages


Logo creation

While designing the logo, it was important for us to focus on the mobility of a barista. That’s why we chose the concept of coffee to go.

A simple and clear image of a coffee cup for coffee to go indicates that the app was created for baristas. We chose the sanserif font to showcase the functionality of the app: no fribbles, just the features any barista needs.

Logo is a good start. But what happened later?

The first thing we did was designing the interface since Brewster’s team needed to launch the new app quickly.

It took us two months to come up with three subsequent versions of the app: a black-and-white prototype, a non-user-friendly prototype, and the final version.

After each version was launched, we would spend quite some time testing it with the target audience

The app is powerful yet simple to use

We’ve got a native app which is usable just after the registration is completed. No training is necessary.

Users can even enter such data as the prices for a coffee or dessert menu much later. Before doing that, they can enter the data about sales and get the statistics per hour and beverage.

We have also taken into account a human factor while designing the app: many baristas sell coffee to their friends at a discounted price or on credit. That’s why we’ve created a special section just for that


Next steps

Once the app is launched and tested by the first users, we’ll redesign its interface and create a landing page. We are already developing the landing page prototype, but still waiting for the launch of the app to showcase its screenshots and the first client testimonials, as well as use them to create content.

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