Marketing optimization
for GAnna Clinic


About GAnna Clinic

GAnna Clinic is one of the few dental clinics in Dnipro that specializes primarily in the treatment of children. What’s more, the clinic has managed to find its perfect competitive edge: in addition to sleep dentistry (there are very few clinics offering such services in the city), GAnna Clinic also stands out thanks to its interior design — there are no colorful walls and dentists in clown costumes there. The latter has a positive effect on the perception of the clinic by children: they understand that they have come here not to play, but to do an important thing — and therefore they behave accordingly (they are less capricious and do not panic when being separated from the game).


Cooperation goals

Google Ads campaign optimization was the first task for EVEDITZ when cooperating with the clinic.


How did it begin?

Before EVEDITZ, the owner of the clinic would launch ad campaigns by himself. Although it was effective, we found a way to improve its results.


Ads optimization in Google

Before launching advertising campaigns and banners, we set up goals in Google Analytics and managed tags on the website to track conversion more accurately.

Important: the client was worried that cooperating with the agency would not bring the required results. Therefore we did not change the existing campaigns, but put them on hold so that the client could go back to them if necessary.

The next step was the optimization of advertising campaigns. We reorganized all search campaigns, added necessary keywords, optimized the budget, set up additional extensions…

Not to bore you with a list of everything we’ve done, we will show the results:

Google Ads for Dentist

After just a month, we reduced the number of irrelevant impressions, doubled the number of patient requests, and, at the same time, almost halved the overall cost of advertising (we cannot disclose the client’s expenses).

Just into the first month of cooperation, EVEDITZ managed to reduce the budget of campaigns on Google by 38%, while doubling the number of patient requests to the clinic from this channel.

Anna Goloviy, the owner of GAnna Clinic.

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